What is a VDA? Installation, Configuration, Services

What is the VDA?

  • Software installed on physical/virtual machine, which allows the physical/virtual machine to register with the DDC
  • It is the intermediary between DDC and Citrix Receiver
  • VDA is responsible of sending session information back to DDC

VDA Types

  • Desktop VDA
    • Supports one connection only!
  • Server VDA
    • Supports multiple connections (relies on Microsoft RDS technology)

VDA Installation Server OS

  • Insert installation media
  • Run the wizard
  • Select the available VDA (Server VDA if OS Server, Desktop VDA if OS Desktop)
  • Once the Wizard Start up, the following should come up:
    • Select „Create Master image” if you want to use MCS/PVS for provisioning
    • Select „Enable connections to a server machine” if you want to provision physical machines/virtual machines w/o VDA installed

  • VDA component is mandatory to install(since this is what we`re doing anyway). Receiver is an optional component. Install it if you need it/want it.

  • VDA rely on DDC to register and communicate. You can select it now or any other of the listed options
  • Add the controller/s and test connection.
  • If the green checkmark is shown after testing, click Add.

  • On the Features tab, just let them all selected if no otherwise instructed

  • Firewall page can be left for automatic port configuration or you can do it manually if you want to use other ports.

  • Next screen will prompt you with a summary of all selected options in the wizard. If you are ok with everything, proceed with install. Restarts may be performed during installation.
  • Reboot the machine once the installation has completed.