Citrix Site Creation

Site in a nutshell:

  • Site is what you would call a XA/XD Deployment.
  • Site is comprised of the following components:
    • Infrastructure (Control Layer)
      • DDC
      • DB
    • Machine Catalog (Control Layer)
      • ServerOS
      • Static Personal Desktop OS
      • Pooled Random Desktop OS
      • Remote PC
    • Virtual Resources (Compute Layer)
      • Hypervisor (Connections)
  • Site is usually mapped to either:
    • Datacenter
    • Geographical Location
  • You need at least one DDC prior to creating a site (Primary Delivery Controller) and a Site must exist before joining multiple DDCs

Site Setup

  • Once DDC and Studio has been installed, Studio welcome screen shows the following screen. First 2 options are for creating a site and last entry is to join additional controller to the Site.

  • When going with the first selection, you are prompted one of the following 2 options + a Site Name, regardless of the option you are choosing:
    • Create the site automatically
    • Empty site. For an empty site you have to manually configure the following components post setup, using the respective Studio tools:
      • Hypervisor
      • Network
      • Storage
      • App-V Settings


  • For the Database, you need to specify:
    • FQDN
    • Name
    • Generate DB script (in case that admin does not have SQL credentials to perform this automatically). This script can be ran by DB Admins on the DB server and set it up.

  • Once all info is filled in, go with test connection. If no DB exists and you want to create the DB automatically (and have proper DB permissions) go with ok.


  • Following details should be specified when configuring Licensing:
    • License Server Address (either FQDN or IP Address) and proper port (default is TCP 27000)
    • Adequate License Type